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Psychotherapy Services

Individual Therapy
Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Many people find individual psychotherapy to be enormously helpful in resolving painful emotional and interpersonal concerns. My Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy approach is flexible enough to address successfully a wide range of concerns, including:

Sometimes, the first step is the most difficult one of all. If you think you may have a concern that we could successfully address together, simply call me or visit my online appointment calendar right now to set up an initial consultation.

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Group Therapy: Connecting to Self and Others

Process-oriented group therapy is a powerful tool for change and transformation, and can be used in addition to, or as an alternative to, individual therapy. Therapy groups operate as a "live laboratory" where you can practice relating in new and different ways; get feedback about how others respond to you; and experience the richness of building trusting, deep, supportive relationships with others who are striving to meet the emotional and interpersonal challenges they face—all while under the caring and watchful guidance of a trained psychologist as facilitator.

Group therapy is ideal for people whose concerns have a major interpersonal element, such as those who struggle with issues including:

Quite honestly, this describes a large percentage of people who seek therapy, and many psychologists consider group therapy the treatment of choice for most psychological concerns.

If the idea of participating in a therapy group provokes some anxiety for you, you are certainly not alone! It is only natural to feel nervous about working on your most personal challenges with people whom you have never met. The overwhelming majority of people who engage in group therapy, however, quickly find it comfortable and ultimately experience it as richly rewarding.

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Whether you would like to pursue Individual or Group Therapy, or are unsure which would be best for you, the first step is to schedule your initial consultation—call me or view my online appointment calendar.

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