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Depression therapist and Anxiety therapist for Cal Poly students
Adolescent in counseling for depression therapy
Parent seeks depression therapist for teen high school student
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Psychotherapy for Students

College Students
High School Students

Cal Poly and Cuesta College Students

College should be an exciting time of growth and learning. But students experience painful states of depression and anxiety as much as anyone else, and these struggles can rob the college years of their transformative potential.

For most college students, academic success is a top priority, but lots of things can get in the way. Anxiety about performance, struggles with motivation, leaving home, negotiating friendships and romantic relationships, alcohol and other drug use, and worries about the future can all impact academic performance and quality of life.

I have nearly a decade of experience at university counseling centers and particularly enjoy working with students. Over the years I have refined and adapted my approach to psychotherapy to address the emotional difficulties college students commonly face. I am available for counseling with students from Cal Poly and Cuesta, as well as those who may be home in San Luis over academic breaks. Please schedule an appointment—via phone or online calendar— to see if we would be a good fit.

San Luis area High School Students

High school can be a confusing and challenging time. Teens’ peer relations can be turbulent and difficult, even as natural desires for autonomy and independence may seem to undermine and challenge their most important connections. They must negotiate rapidly changing identities while managing their simultaneously confusing and exciting journeys of exploration and experience. Eventually, teens must prepare to leave the homes in which they have spent their lives. As they balance all of these stresses, they may struggle to meet their own or others’ expectations for achievement, only adding to their pain and self-doubt. Depression and sometimes crippling anxiety are the natural result.

I have profound empathy for these struggles, and particularly enjoy working with teens as they learn to negotiate them successfully. My particular approach to therapy has been able help young adults discover and nurture their own inner resources of strength and healing—skills which will be invaluable for a lifetime. If your teen is struggling, please call me or view my online calendar to set up a counseling appointment for him or her.

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