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By considering psychotherapy as a means to confront the challenges facing you, you have already taken the first step on a journey toward healing and transformation. The journey may be at turns challenging, exciting, or frightening… but ultimately will be deeply rewarding.

You do not need to make your counseling journey alone

Together we will create the positive, connected therapeutic relationship that will help you to build your own self-compassion, overcome your fears, and transcend painful experience, allowing you to move forward into a new, richer experience of life.

I strive to work in a way that is collaborative and warmly interactive. I provide support, insight and useful feedback to help you truly resolve the difficulty that brought you to therapy. My approach is grounded in authentic relating between client and psychotherapist and respect for the healing potentials within each person; it is guided by the wisdom of Mindfulness practice and the discipline of Experiential Dynamic Therapy. While no approach to psychotherapy can guarantee positive results, often long-standing and even lifelong difficulties can be overcome in a matter of months using this approach.

I encourage you to schedule an initial consultation. Our first session will give us a chance to understand something about your situation, to get a sense of whether we would work well together, and to discuss which next steps might be most helpful for you.

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